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Two friends were drinking a beer one day in the late Spring of 2021. One friend said to the other, lets open a coffee shop in Albuquerque. The other friend noted that there were plenty of coffee shops in Albuquerque, but that it is hard to find a good NY style bagel boiled in the the traditional way. Hence the idea of opening a coffee and NY-style bagel shop was born.


One year later, here we are! A bagel shop where the bagels are first boiled and the coffee roasted locally. Want soup or a breakfast burrito, don't come here. We brew coffee and serve up fresh bagels. We have a cool patio with a dog bowl so bring your dog. There is a bike rack too, so hang out, drink a nice latte and I would suggest a bagel with cream cheese, lox (also sometimes called smoked salmon) slice of tomato, red onion and sprinkled with capers (Kaufman Special)- its the bomb!


Saturday & Sunday:  8:00AM - 1:00PM

Weekdays: 6:30AM - 1:00PM

Tuesday: Closed

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